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There are many dive sites around Phuket with a great variation of marine life and an average water temperature of 28C/86F. Beautiful coral reefs, wall dive, huge boulders and rock formations with an incredible marine life. Here is something for everyone, beginners or advanced divers everyone will get an unforgettable experience.





Sharkpoint (Hin Musang in Thai) is a marine sanctuary since 1992. It�s located 25km east of Phuket and takes approximately 110minutes to get there with daytrip boats. It�s one of the most beautiful dive sites in the area which offers world class diving. The rock pinnacles are full of marine life, purple and pink soft corals, huge gorgonian sea fans. Sharkpoint got it�s name from the commonly sited leopard sharks. Other highlights are Seahorses, Blue-spotted Stingrays, Lionfish, Many species of moray eels and Anemone fish.



Anemone Reef


Anemone reef is located just 10 minute boat rides away from Sharkpoint. Anemone Reef is a huge pinnacle rising from a depth of 27 meters to just 4 meters beneath the surface. This is the pinnacle that King Cruiser hit before it sank (See King Cruiser Wreck).This dive site is very similar to Sharkpoint and as you guess from the name, it�s full of sea anemones. Here is also a good chance to spot leopard sharks. Lion fishes are also very common here and it�s not unusual to count 15-20 on a dive. Here you will also find big schools of snappers, groupers and of cause clownfish.




King Cruiser Wreck


On May 4th 1997 King Cruiser catamaran was on its daily routine between Phuket and Phi Phi islands. The weather was fine but for some reason the captain lost the course and hit anemone reef. It took 1 hour for the 87m long and 25m wide catamaran to sink and all 600 passengers were rescued. King Cruiser has become a huge artificial reef and covered with shells and a great variety of marine life. Nurse sharks, leopard sharks, huge lion fishes, scorpion fish and big schools of trevallys just to name a few.




Koh Doc Mai


Koh doc mai which means �Flower Island� in Thai are a huge pinnacle rising from a depth of 30m to far above surface. Koh doc mai are located approximately 1 hour boat ride from Phuket, on the way to sharkpoint. Although visibility often is poor, this is the best wall dive in the area. If stay close to the wall you can find a lot of small stuff like: Shrimps, sea horses, ghost pipe fish, and nudi branchs. Other common marine life is Moray eels, sea snakes, clown triggerfish and also leopard sharks. There are also 2 small caverns. The cavern at 14m can be safely penetrated. Sometimes have a look away from the wall out in the blue, if you are really lucky you might see something big.



Phi Phi Islands
Bida nai/Bida nok


Phi Phi is located east of Phuket and you reach the islands after a 3 hour boat ride. Although the distance its well worth to go there. Bida nai and Bida nok is 2 limestone pinnacles rising from a depth of 30 meter and up a bow surface. On this 2 dive site you get a great variation of diving. You get wall dive, sloping reefs, swim troughs and a fabulous marine life. The marine life includes soft and hard corals, huge gorgonian sea fans, and big schools of snappers, octopus, sea horse, moray eels, and lionfish. Here is also the greatest chance to spot leopard sharks and turtles.This site is also popular for snorkeling.




Racha Yai


Racha Yai Island is located south of Phuket, approximately 1, 5 hour with daytrip boats. Around this island are several good dive sites. On the east coast you find sloping reefs mainly of stag horn corals with a good variation of marine life and also two wrecks. You usually find big schools of false barracudas,lion fishes, cuddle fish, turtles, octopus, moray eels and sometimes leopard sharks. Divers of all levels of experience and snorkelers can visit Racha Yai, we also conduct most of our entry level courses here. This is a good destination for everyone.



Racha Noi


Further south than Racha Yai you find its sister island Racha Noi. This is a popular destination for the more experienced divers. Around this island are also several dive sites with big boulders and rock formations. Usually seen are Stingrays, moray eels, and octopus. Highlights are Manta Rays, reef sharks, leopard sharks.



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